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There are so many plantbased and free from products available today. But they’re not always ‘healthy’.

This is where my cakes and brownies differ. All of my treats hold some nutritional value.  As a nutritionist, I insist on using the best quality, nutritious, wholefood ingredients. I also use as many organic ingredients as possible. 

My bakes are free from soy, vegetable oil, refined white flours and sugars, artificial colouring and flavours, gums, fillers and emulsifiers.

I bake without a lot of nuts, dates and coconut oil (unlike so many healthier treats out there) which makes my products much easier on digestion. 

They are all FODMAP friendly.

Organic raw cacao

An ancient superfood packed full of antioxidants.

     Organic coconut sugar

An unrefined sugar alternative with a beautiful, caramel like sweetness. It has a lower GI than regular sugar so is slightly better for your blood sugar levels. It also contains small amounts of minerals, antioxidants and fibre.

Extra virgin olive oil

An easy oil to digest. Full of healthy omega fats and a great depth of flavour.

100% pure chocolate 

Chocolate in its purest, natural form! Naturally free from dairy, sugar and soy.

Organic brown rice milk and brown rice flour 

Both naturally sweet and nutty meaning even less coconut sugar is needed. Brown rice products contain more fibre than white rice products keeping you fuller for longer.

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