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Lydia Falgate is a freelance chef and nutritional therapist

Lydia is equally passionate about healthy cooking as nutritional science. She is a qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chef. She completed her nutrition studies at CNM London whilst working in various kitchens including a traditional Italian restaurant, a ‘free from’ bakery, wellness retreats around the UK and as an assistant the author of a best selling healthy vegetarian Indian cookbook.  After graduation she furthered her studies with plant based chef training in LosAngeles, one of the health food capitals of the world.  Lydia’s latest project for 2020 is studying with Monash university to specialise in gut health and the management of IBS using a low FODMAP diet
Healthy cooking and nutritional science are her main interests in life, but baking is her real passion! She’s turned this passion into full-time work from home and supplies several cafes around central London and north Leeds, along with catering and private orders. The range is always refined sugar free, plant based and gluten free. Coming from a nutritional therapy background Lydia insists on using natural, whole food ingredients and organic when possible. Artificial ingredients are never used.

Only the Best Ingredients

There are so many plantbased and free from products available today. But they’re not always ‘healthy’. This is where my cakes and brownies differ. All of my treats hold some nutritional value.  As a nutritionist, I insist on using the best quality, nutritious, wholefood ingredients. I also use as many organic ingredients as possible. 

Free from, plant-based recipes

My products are not only gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free. They are also free from soy, vegetable oil, refined white flours and sugars, artificial colouring and flavours, gums, fillers and emulsifiers.
I bake without using a lot of nuts, dates and coconut oil (unlike so many healthier treats out there) which makes my products easier on digestion. They are all FODMAP friendly.

Everything by Hand

Everything is made by me, by hand and with a lot of love! Your bakes are always made freshly to order. It’s just me running my business and I don’t employee anyone. To make sure I keep on top of everything and don’t miss any orders, I have one main baking and dispatch day weekly. Thank you for being patient!

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